Professional Outreach Programs in the Schools



Pas de Deux or partner with Ballet West to provide students with exposure to the art form of ballet. Programs offered include the I Can Do program for 5th graders, free student matinees, in school performances, and first looks for secondary students.


Plan-B's Free Elementary School Tour provides free in-school performances of new plays created by Utah playwrights specifically for K-6 students, playwriting curriculum and an online script library. (FREE)

“During those moments on stage there was no distinction between our students who excel or struggle academically, who have challenging behaviors or thrive socially. Each student with butterflies in their bellies got up in front of 500 people and radiantly shined as individuals and as a collective. I was a proud principal today. Thank you Ai, Alex and Daniel from Ririe- Woodbury for reminding us how beautiful we are!” – Heather Newell, Principal

Description: Bring Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company to perform and teach at your school. This Salt Lake City based company provides school and community dance residencies and lecture demonstrations in all rural and urban areas of the state of Utah.


“Collaboration with students, teachers, and the arts professionals from Tanner Dance continues to bring what students are learning in their classrooms to live in new ways. More than 300 students from 12 classes participated this year, making connections with history, science, and other core content areas through purposeful movement and choreography.” –Sydney Young, Principal

Partner with Tanner Dance and you can provide a highly qualified dance educator to teach in your school through their side-by- side residency program. Or expose students to dance through free school matinees, lecture demonstrations and professional development for teachers.


“I believe your dance performance reiterated the importance of incorporating physical activity throughout the students’ school day. Your dancers modeled easy exercises that could be done in their classrooms. We hope to have [RDT] come again in the future.”

Invite Repertory Dance Theater to provide high quality dance activities, all based on Utah State Core Dance Standards! RDT’s professional dancers perform lecture demonstrations, teach dance classes, and choreograph or collaborate with teachers. You can even bring your students on a field trip to view a matinee performance during the school day for free!

Free Services: Matinee Performances, In-Depth Residencies, Teacher Workshops, Heritage Project

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The UMOCA Art Truck brings exciting and accessible contemporary art, created by leading local and national artists, directly to schools and community venues across the state free of charge.

Each on-site visit by the Art Truck includes the expertise of a trained museum art educator who leads students through a meaningful exploration of the current exhibition. Teachers are provided with structured lesson plans to supplement their tour and incorporate the Art Truck more deeply into their curriculum.



Team up with the Utah Film Center and feed your students interests in media arts and provide your teachers with tools for engagement while simultaneously supporting state arts and content core standards. The Utah Film Center programs enhance students’ media literacy skills while studying filmmaking, documentaries, and animation. Workshops also help educators implement filmmaking projects in their classroom.


“So many students want to become video game designers now and [Spy Hop’s presentation] was something memorable. Students in computer classes are paying more attention in class and are more motivated to get more training in the field.” — Fort Herriman Middle School

Inspire students through media arts by inviting Spy Hop’s artists to present Media Arts Shorts, Intensives and Assemblies. Spy Hop’s services introduce students to the language and concepts of media arts (audio/music, film/animation, video game design) through an interactive experience.


“The opera process combines all the core and standards like no other project could have and taught them the way this opera did. This is something they will take with them their entire life. This isn’t just learning, teaching or guiding. Opera by Children is an experience that I’m not willing to trade. It is really something every student should experience!” – Elementary School Teacher

Team up with the Utah Festival Opera to introduce students to opera and provide teachers with professional development in arts implementation. Opera by Children, their main outreach program, uses simple techniques that require a minimal amount of time, connects to the Utah Core Standards, and teaches group writing and cooperative learning.




“The artists that visited us were wonderful. They did a superb job with their performances and related to the students very well. The presentation was very well done and was enjoyed by students and staff.” – Elementary School Principal

With services for both secondary and elementary schools, the opera is another fantastic option for a partner organization. Traveling assemblies, free performances, classroom demonstrations, and professional development for teachers are all services available through Utah Opera.


The Utah Symphony provides a traveling orchestra (45 to 50 musicians) to play in schools with large or small auditoriums. Teachers receive supplementary resources and activities to help students prepare for their participation as viewers. Secondary schools may invite orchestra members to participate in class activities such as sectionals and rehearsals. Re- licensure points and discounted tickets are also available for educators for attending pre-concert lectures.


The collection includes paintings, sculptures, photography, ceramics, prints and more to provide an extensive overview of the creative endeavors of the American West.



“The teachers were very professional and very prepared. I didn’t have to do anything except give them the schedules and maps and they were able to do everything else themselves. The kids LOVED what they learned and have been approaching me this whole week to tell me how awesome it was and what they learned.” – Elementary School Teacher

Choose from three amazing visual arts opportunities offered by the Springville Museum of Arts: Studio Experience (artists lead students through drawing exercise), The Gallery Experience (artists lead students through discussion of Utah Art), Faculty PD (teachers receive art resources and training on how to implement them in the classroom). All services offered occur at your school, no buses required.



“[The presentation] was well scaffolded and so closely tied to the core that it didn’t feel separate from work we are doing in the classroom.” – Lisa DeFrance, Elementary School Teacher

Allow the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to install a traveling museum or educate students on printmaking, photography and careers in art. The museum’s noteworthy presentations help students explore how art tells the story of our world’s past, present and future.


“I am very discriminating when it comes to allowing assemblies in my school. I consider instructional time sacred and therefore I will only give up instructional time for an assembly if it has a compelling value for students. Any time the opportunity arises to bring in one of these story tellers, I jump at the chance because the experience they provide for students is rich and meaningful.” – Middle School Principal

Provide students and teachers high quality arts performances and workshops through the Timpanogos Storytelling POPS programs. Your school will receive free resources to help students develop and share their own original stories, thus meeting literacy and content standards in many core subjects.



Utah Shakespeare Festival provides summer camps for students and workshops for teachers interested in implementing Shakespeare and Drama into their classroom (elementary and secondary). Resources for studying Shakespeare plays are also available.